An appraisal form is available to all HijabGirl customers after their purchase, giving them the opportunity to assess and rank the service they received. Below are some recent comments we've received. We appreciate all constructive feedback so that we may improve the products and services offered. Please email if you have any comments or suggestions.

“Mashaallah! This is a good site with good values in my opinion. Would definitely use again, inshaAllah.”
R. Estep, NC

“My overall experience was amazingly outstanding. I felt like my purchase mattered and my experience was with ease. Any corrections I needed to make before completing my order took no time. The delivery was with good speed. I'm coming back where I am treated extremely well. Thank you all at Hijabgirl. Jaz'rah Allah.”
C. Wilson, VA

“MashAllah. I had wanted to order from for a while. When I received the information about the sale I took advantage of the opportunity. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase! The quality of the fabric is wonderful, I am actually wearing one of the scarves that I purchased today and I have gotten several compliments already. I definitely recommend and I will most certainly be ordering again soon. The prices are great, quality excellent and at $4.95 for shipping, you can't beat it. May Allah continue to bless you and your business. Al Hamdulillah.”
C. Bonneau, VA

“Excellent seller. Very prompt and professional. I had problems with a purchase item and they immediately replied to my email and gave me a refund. I will use this seller again!”
P. Prawl, WY

“I truly enjoy all of my hijabs and I receive compliments each and every day. As a Muslim, and working as a professional, my attire must be professional, yet I am proud of my religion and culture. Thanks to HijabGirl I have wonderful colors and fabrics. I am learning how to wrap the shawl wraps. I look for new arrivals daily. Thank you for bringing wonderful fabrics and excellent prices. Your customer service is the best!”
D. McClellan, OH

“I love every item that I have ordered from HijabGirl. The quality is superb, the customer service is unbeatable, and the selection is unmatchable. I would never look anywhere else again!”
T. Ulbrich, CA

“Extremely reasonable prices and a nice selection. What you see is exactly what you get, which is so nice compared to some online shopping I have done in the past. The flat-rate shipping is a great feature. I wanted to order something after my first order went out. The merchant was more than willing to ship this item at no extra charge. That is something that did not have to be done. I would recommend Hijab Girl to anyone...”
A. Tucker, AL

“Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, I love this site. It was very easy to use and has a selection that surpasses any other hijab site I've seen. My order was confirmed in minutes and I received my order very quickly. I will continue to shop with you and recommend this site to other sisters.”
N. M. Denny, IL

“The color and description was perfect as always and I really appreciate that the most! The photo very accurately depicts the item that I received and that is why I love HijabGirl!! I always get what I expect! THANK YOU!!! And the prices are very, very reasonable!! Thank you for that too!”
B. Brown, WA

“I am a repeat customer. Once again the overall experience was excellent and I experienced no problems. I would highly recommend (this site) to anyone. This is my third purchase and I could not be happier. I will be back, that's for sure!”
K. Green, VA

“Thank you very much, wonderful prices, quick service.”
S. Woods, CA

“HijabGirl is the first hijab store I look to when I need something new. She has great prices, unique products and cheap shipping. I am always very pleased with what I find, and appreciate this store very much.”
K. Jones, ND

“Thanks for everything…the hijabs are wonderful!”
C. Warfield, PA

“Assalamu Alaikum, I found it a relief to find good quality hijab and niqab choices at a decent price. I'll be back to shop for more. Thank you so much.”
L. Nelson, TX

“I'm very pleased with my purchase. Even though I live near a large Islamic community where shops are available, your hijabs remain one of a kind, and exactly as described.”
O. Alsaidy, MI

“Ma sha Allah! Thank you! I received the Hijabs today, 9/26/09. This is the fastest order I've received! I love the quality of the material and the baby soft touch!”
T. Phillips, IL

“Finally there is a place that Muslim women can go for consistently high quality coupled with low price for their scarves. I have ordered twice from them and my first order was wonderful. I am anxiously looking forward to receiving my second.”
L. Snow, TX

“HijabGirl Customer Support is extremely informative and professional. All of my questions were immediately answered and 'she' did not use the usual template but took the time to personally write to me. I had asked about the specific length of a khimar and 'she' had a friend try on the khimar and reported where it fell on the body. Wow, I mean WOW! When the envelope arrived, the shipping was $10.00 but 'she' only charges a standard/ flat $4.95. Again, WOW. The merchandise was as described, arrived on time and the prices were very affordable. Again, WOW. Yes, HijabGirl you had me at WOW. I was so impressed, I had placed the second order the very same day I received my first shipment. It's really scary to place an order on the internet but HijabGirl is honest, courteous and professional. She truly is our champion against the forces of EVIL. Go, Go.......HIJABGIRL!”
F. Engin, NJ


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